SOLD-OUT. We're looking for more.
Two-line rotary wall phone
with "mechanical hold."
New Old Stock.
Also works as one-line phone with HOLD.

SOLD-OUT. We're looking for more.<br>Two-line rotary wall phone<br>with "mechanical hold."<br>New Old Stock.<br>Also works as one-line phone with HOLD.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>
Item# 555-NOS

This was the first type of two-line wall phone that didn't require a heavy cable and a closet full of equipment.

A knob on the front lets you select line #1 or line #2, and if you pull up the knob on the top of the phone, you can hold the caller on one line while you switch to the other line. Built-in mechanical ringer, connected to line #1. If you don't have two lines, you can use this as a one-line phone with hold. New Old Stock. ONE-YEAR WARRANTY. We sometimes have other colors -- call us.