All Gone.
Pink 10-button touch-tone desk phone.

All Gone.<br>Pink 10-button touch-tone desk phone.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Item# 1500-PINK

When AT&T introduced touch-tone dialing in late-1963, the phones had just ten buttons. The star and pound buttons appeared in 1968. Since the ten-button phones were made for just a few years, at a time when the vast majority of people still used rotary-dial-phones, ten-button phones are extremely rare.

Pink phones are rare, too. So if you combine pink and ten-buttons, you get a very special phone.

This phone is from the personal collection of the FrillFreePhones boss and is in excellent condition. It is equipped with a long pink line cord and matching pink 4-prong cord. We will supply a modular adapter at no extra cost, or can replace the pink cord with a modern modular cord if you prefer.

The phone has been thoroughly cleaned and tested. It was made in 1965, but still works fine. Six-month warranty. Shipping is free to any destination in the USA.

We have just one, so if you want it, order soon.