New Old Stock Cortelco ("ITT")
Red rotary-dial desk phone.
Full-modular, with cords

JUST ONE!<BR>EXTREMELY RARE.<br>New Old Stock Cortelco ("ITT")<br>Red rotary-dial desk phone.<br>Full-modular, with cords
Item# 500-NOS-CORT-RED
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This represents the highest development of rotary dial phones.

It's a genuine made-in-the-good-old-USA Cortelco rotary dial phone from factory that used to produce phones with the ITT brand for independent phone companies. It will thrill any collector, or fan of the good old days.

The color is the highly-desirable bright red.

The phone is "full-modular" with plug-in cords like modern phones, and has a mechanical dual-gong ringer with volume control.

This phone is a classic, and we have just one. If you want it, order it now. When your neighbors see your red phone, they'll turn green with envy.

It's in absolutely perfect condition. It has never been sold or rented to a phone company customer. They don't make 'em like this any more.

No batteries or AC power required. Works during a power failure.

"Ground" shipping is free to all 50 states. One-year warranty.