EXTREMELY RARE. New Old Stock Pink Trendline.
Perfect condition.
Just one. If you want it, order now.

EXTREMELY RARE. New Old Stock Pink Trendline.<br>Perfect condition.<br>Just one. If you want it, order now.
CORD:  Please call 1.888.225.3999 to order.

This phone was made in 1971 and just tumbled out of the telecom time tunnel -- but it looks as good as when it came off the assembly line in Mississippi.

It's a "Trendline" made by ITT, under license from ATT and is 98.36% identical to the ATT Trimline.

This was the first phone design with a dial conveniently located in the handset, and established the pattern for millions of cordless and cellular phones.

It is equipped with a rare pink line cord and an old-style 4-prong plug. If you buy the phone, we can ship it as-is, or replace the cord with a modern "silver-satin" modular cord to plug into modern jacks.

  • The phone has an internal incandescent bulb which can illuminate the dial, if you connect an optional transformer to the yellow and black wires in the line cord.
  • Ancient box (in excellent condition) included.
  • Free "ground" shipping in the USA.
  • 90-Day warranty.
  • Will work even if you have touch-tone service (in most areas)


Dial-light transformer for Princess and Trimline phones.<br>Price includes shipping to all 50 states
Plugs into standard AC outlet and provides 6-8 volts to illuminate the dial lights in many Princess and Trimline phones. Requires spare wire pair in line cord. NOTE: later Trimline phones have LED lights powered by the phone line, and do not use a transformer. Used and tested.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day