Reproduction of Western Electric #200 "French" phone.
Modern touchtone dialing.
Choice of two colors.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Reproduction of Western Electric #200 "French" phone.<br>Modern touchtone dialing.<br>Choice of two colors.
Item# 200-PARA
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This is a modern reproduction of the Western Electric 200-series desk phone. Popular in the 1920s and 30s, it was one of the first Bell System phones that used a handset with a transmitter and receiver, rather than separate transmitter and receiver. Western Electric copied it from phones that were used in France, and made them both with and without dials.

This antique reproduction has a circular touchtone dial pad. It looks like a rotary-dial phone, but works like a modern phone.

Features include redial button, modular cords, electronic ringer with volume control, receive volume control.

Aailable in red and black.