line card types

line card types
(more will be added.)

model # function notes brand
400B line card basic WECo
400C line card basic WECo
400D line card basic WECo, ITT
400E line card MOH ITT
400F line card   WECo
400G line card LED WECo
400H line card slim, LED WECo
401 manual intercom   WECo, ITT
401PA paging adapter   ITT
403A MOH feeds up to 6 lines ITT
405 privacy for 2 lines ITT
414A private line ringdown   WECo, ITT
415A automatic tie line   ITT
416A station line circuit for remote phone WECo, ITT
418A short range private line   WECo
419A private line 8-inch, 80 contact WECo
416A private line   WECo