Northern Telecom Logic 10.

Northern Telecom Logic 10.
The wedge-shape Logic series 1A2 phones from Northern Telecom were available with either 10 or 20 buttons. Their technology was traditional 1A2, but they had styling like Northern's more advanced SL1 phone systems.

Wedge-shaped accessories including a DSS-BLF, speakerphone and auto-dialer could be attached to the phone.

Logic phones were made in white and ash, and contrasting snap-on faceplates were made in various colors including yellow, brown, blue, purple and black.

An optional wall-mounting bracket was also made.

The first Logic phones produced had hard-wired handset cords. Later phones had modular cords.

Two different versions of the 25-pair cable were made. One was for traditional American KSUs. The other was for a proprietary Northern Telecom KSU.

A single-line Logic-1 was also made.