Perfect condition, New Old Stock
Rotary-dial flush-mount Panel Phone.
JUST ONE. Don't wait if you want it.

Perfect condition, New Old Stock<br>Rotary-dial flush-mount Panel Phone.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>JUST ONE. Don't wait if you want it.

Back in the 1970s a flush-mount Panel Phone was the symbol of high technology and sophisticated home fashion.

If you want your home or office to achieve that height of design, we have the phone for you. It's in perfect condition, ready to install. Installation is simple for anyone who is moderately handy. Cut a hole in the wall of appropriate size, connect a few wires, and talk like Gerald Ford was still in the White House.

Although this phone has a rotary dial it should work just fine even if your other phones have touch-tone dialing.

FREE "ground" shipping to any destination in the 50 states.

We have just one and no more are being made, so don't wait if you want it. One-year warranty.