Probably the rarest phone we've ever offered.
From the boss's personal collection.
Beautiful condition
"I Love Lucy" 300-series phone
made in the USA.

Probably the rarest phone we've ever offered.<br>From the boss's personal collection.<br>Beautiful condition<br>"I Love Lucy" 300-series phone<br>made in the USA.<br>
Item# 300
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The 300-series desk phones were manufactured in the United States from the mid-1930s until the mid-1950s. They were developed for Western Electric by the industrial design firm of Henry Dreyfuss and were the first widely used American telephones to include the ringer and network circuitry in the same telephone housing.

This phone is in excellent condition for its age. It is equipped with a “hard-wired” line cord. We can supply the phone as-is, in its original condition, or we can install a modern modular line cord at no additional cost.

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