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1543 rotary-dial desk phone.

Rare New Old Stock<br>Stromberg-Carlson<br>1543 rotary-dial desk phone.
Item# SC-NOS-1543
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If you've always lived in AT&T/Bell System territory, you've probably never seen a phone like this. It's a Stromberg-Carlson model 1543 rotary-dial desk phone in "avocado" or "moss" green, that has recently passed through the time tunnel from 1970.

It's in superb condition. The plastic and cords look perfect and there is just some minor discoloration on the bottom metal plate.

It is equipped with a period-accurate hard-wired line cord, but we can substitute a modern modular cord if you prefer, at no additional cost.

Although this phone has a rotary dial, it should work fine if your other phones are touch-tone.

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