rough & ready phones

rough & ready phones
The phrase "Rough and Ready" means crude, but effective.

These phones have some scuffs and scratches. They're probably not nice enough to pass close inspection in your kitchen or family room, but they could be just right for a garage, basement or home workshop. They may even be nicer than some of the phones you're now using.

These phones are not as pretty as our standard-grade refurbished phones, but they sound just as good as new phones; and they're much less expensive. We carefully test and clean them, and we guarantee them for a year.

They have an adjustable dual-gong ringer than can ring louder than most modern phones, and a modular plug to fit a standard wall jack.

Zachary Taylor (1784 1850) was an American military leader and the twelfth President. Known as Old Rough and Ready, Taylor served in the War of 1812, Black Hawk War, Second Seminole War and the Mexican-American War.

The Great Republic of Rough and Ready was a small, self-declared independent nation that existed briefly in northern California in 1850. Founded in the town of Rough and Ready (named after Taylor) by miners largely as a protest against a tax on new mining claims and the prohibition of alcohol, it never achieved formal recognition by any government and was abolished after only three months.

Ruff and Reddy was the first TV cartoon from the Oscar-winning team of Hanna and Barbera, also responsible for Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Scoobie-Doo, and The Jetsons.

The cartoon featured a brainy cat, Ruff, and a brainless dog, Reddy. Teamed with the kindly Professor Gismo, they faced such evil-doers as Killer and Diller, the terrible Texas twins, Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy, the chicken-hearted Chickasaurus, and the Goon of Glocca Morra. (info from Wikipedia and ToonTracker)