SOLD OUT. We hope to get more.
ORANGE refurbished rotary-dial desk phone.
Free Shipping in the USA.

SOLD OUT. We hope to get more.<br>VERY RARE<br><b><font color="#FF6600">ORANGE</font></b> refurbished rotary-dial desk phone.<br>Free Shipping in the USA.
Item# 500-ORN

Orange phones are even rarer than red phones. AT&T never made them. If you want one, this may be your last chance, so order soon.

This phone has been carefully cleaned and tested, and is warranteed for one year. It's heavy-duty and built to last for a long time. It has a metal base, adjustable dual-gong-ringer, hard-wired handset cord, and modular line cord. It's refurbished -- not new. There are some minor scuff marks and scratches -- but no cracks. Voice quality is wonderful. It was made in the good old US of A.

It works without batteries, and works during a power failure.

This phone is ready to plug in and use. It works with standard analog phone service, cable company phone service, an analog extension of a business phone system, and most VoIP phone service.

One-year warranty.

"Ground" shipping is FREE to all 50 states.